The BIMM Institute is an educational institution for creative disciplines that offers English-language Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the fields of music, film and acting. The main goal is to prepare students for successful, sustainable and international careers in the creative industries. As a music institute, it offers Bachelor programmes in Popular Music Performance, Music Business, Music Production and an MA in Popular Music Practice.


In the BA "Popular Music Performance," you'll develop your skills as a musician to a professional level. The BA "Music Business" provides insights into the industry and strengthens competencies in management and marketing. The BA "Music Production" allows you to acquire technical and business skills as a producer, supported by the "BIMM Connect" network. The MA "Popular Music Practice" combines research and professional development in performance, production, composition, and entrepreneurship, focusing on practical skills and industry knowledge.


Possible career paths in music production are: Creative producer, electronic music artist, DJ, game audio designer, audio engineer, sound engineer, film and TV sound designer. The Music Business degree programme prepares you for the following careers: DIY release manager, live production manager, publishing and sync manager, label executive, A&R entrepreneur, artist manager, tour manager, booking agent, promoter, event manager.

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