You can pursue a somewhat broader approach by studying Cultural Studies in Lüneburg with the aim of combining various academic disciplines in theory and practice. This enables a comprehensive analysis and categorisation of current challenges from a variety of perspectives. By interweaving the fields of literary studies, media studies, art studies, musicology, history, cultural theory, philosophy and sociology, you will acquire the ability to think in a networked way, to critically scrutinise complex contexts and thus to act in a solution-oriented manner in various fields of cultural studies.


The Cultural Studies program at Leuphana University is divided into three parts: the core area, specialization, and the Bachelor's thesis. In the core area, you learn the fundamentals of both historical and contemporary cultural studies and their methodologies. For your specialization, you can choose from fields such as literature, media culture, visual arts, music and auditory culture, or cultural theory. The "Music and Auditory Culture" specialization focuses on musicology within the context of media and culture, including electronic and digital media. Additional modules cover music theory, history, aesthetics, and practical areas like studio practice and the music industry.


Choosing the specialization “Music and Auditory Culture” opens up career opportunities in various sectors. These include management roles in music publishing, record labels, advertising agencies, and mobile and internet service providers. Additional paths are event management, consulting, and support in classical, contemporary, and popular music, as well as music marketing, and media and music journalism in television, radio, and print.

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