At the private Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, you can expect a wide range of courses specialising in media, management, design and coding. The university has been around since 2006 and is represented at the following locations: Berlin, Freiburg, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. At Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, you can study various Bachelor's degree programmes in the field of music. Whether you want to produce music, manage musicians or write about concerts - Macromedia University has the right degree programme for all music enthusiasts.


In the Bachelor's program in "Music", you can choose from four study tracks: "Digital Music Production" focuses on creating digital music using modern technologies. "Music Journalism" merges a passion for music with journalistic skills and media theory, preparing you to cover live events and artist interviews, for example. "Music Production" trains you to produce, record, and mix music pieces yourself. "Music Management" teaches discovering talents, shaping careers, and organizing events, along with business management skills. Additionally, there's a Master's program in Music Management, specializing in digital trends like streaming and social media.


"Digital Music Production" equips you for a career as a music producer, where you're involved from writing song lyrics to marketing the final product. With a Bachelor's in Music Production, you can work in various sectors of the media and music industry, including music labels, film production companies, radio, or as a freelance artist. Music Management offers a variety of career paths. As an artist manager, you'll guide and support musicians in their careers. Working for concert promoters, you might organize large events or club concerts. If you're interested in nurturing young talent, positions in music associations are suitable. With a Master's in Music Management, opportunities in cultural management open up, where you can support cultural projects at event agencies, concert organizers, or cultural associations.

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