For over 45 years, the SAE Creative Media Institute has been inspiring and educating creative talents in media practices. It offers training, degree programs, and further education in areas like game development, film, music, marketing, and programming across more than 45 locations in 23 countries. The institute's philosophy is based on the belief that the greatest success is achieved through a hands-on approach, focusing on industry-relevant projects and direct integration into the industry during the training period. SAE Germany has locations in Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg.


The "Music Business" degree programme introduces you to all aspects of the music industry. Business administration, law and management are just as much part of the curriculum as designing music videos, an electronic press kit or booking concerts. Practical experience is an important part of the programme so that students can put what they have learned into practice. SAE Germany offers four models: 18-month vocational training with strong industry relevance, Advanced Diploma with project work focusing on work processes and technical skills, Fast Track Bachelor Programme (24 months full-time study), Extended Bachelor Programme (36 months part-time study).


Whether it's events or working with labels, the music industry is extremely diverse and opens up a variety of ways to turn your passion into a career. It knows how to turn emotional moments into financial opportunities and reaches almost everyone. The degree programme provides you with solid specialist knowledge that prepares you for jobs such as licensing, management or the event industry. An education in music business paves the way for various career paths. In management, you can make a name for yourself as an artist manager, music product manager, music producer or A&R manager, in events as a booker, ticket agent, event manager or tour manager and in publishing as a music publisher, music promoter, music editor or music journalist.

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