Job Profiles:

Who will actually sell you your next guitar?

As an instrument retailer, you are responsible for much more than just selling musical instruments. You are a connoisseur of musical tools, understand the special characteristics, tones and qualities of the different instruments and help both professionals and beginners to find the right instrument - or even the right software - for their needs.

Your main tasks as an instrument retailer include advising customers, demonstrating instruments, maintaining and servicing instruments in the shop and understanding the latest trends and developments in the music industry. Some dealers specialise in selling acoustic or traditional musical instruments, as well as hardware and accessories for these instruments, such as guitars or wind instruments. Other retailers focus on music technology and software, such as digital audio workstations (DAWs), virtual instruments, effects plug-ins or recording devices. They offer music software and hardware to support musicians in music production and recording. In addition, many instrument dealers are also able to carry out repairs or offer specialised services such as custom- made instruments. Administrative back-office work, such as bookkeeping, contract management or contact management, round off this profession.

As a good instrument retailer, you will not only have a deep knowledge of musical instruments, but also strong communication skills to interact with customers of all ages and abilities. Patience, a good ear for music and attention to detail are also an advantage. A deep understanding of music and the needs of musicians allows you to bridge the gap between the instrument and the artist.

There are several ways to work as an instrument retailer. Many start their career with a musical education or play an instrument themselves. A formal degree in music business or trade in general can also be an advantage. Practical experience working in music shops is often crucial. While some traders work in established music shops, others choose to start their own business and turn their passion for music and craft into a lucrative career.