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Welcome to our website. Here you will find information in plain language about this website.

The information in plain language has these 2 parts:

1. About "Music Business Careers"

2. About the structure of the website

We always want to address all people, regardless of their gender. That's why we use the asterisk notation. For example, we write "artist" or "beginner". By this we mean people of female, male or any other gender.

1. About "Music Business Careers"

Music is important in culture and work. There are many jobs in the music sector. This area is called the music business or the music industry. There are jobs for newcomers and for people who already work in other jobs. For example, there are jobs for people who organise concerts. There are also jobs for people who sell music.

There have been some hurdles in the music industry in recent years. For example, due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the music industry has adapted and had new ideas. There are now many new jobs and opportunities in the music industry. The "Music Business Careers" website provides information on jobs in music. You can see what jobs are available and how to get into the music industry. The website also has news from the music industry and jobs in Germany.

2. About the structure of the website

At the top of the website you will find the main sections:

The music business

Job profiles


Jobs & internships



The main areas explained from left to right:

The music business: Here you can find out what the music industry is. You can also find out how people can work in the music industry.

Job profiles: Here you can read about the professions in the music industry. This section is divided into 4 areas of music.

Education: Here you can find out how you can train to work in the music industry. We also show you how you can continue your education.

Jobs & internships: Here you can see what current jobs are available in the music industry in various cities.

News: Here you can find news from the music industry.

About: Here you can read why this website exists and who created it.

At the top right is the "EN" function. There you can change the language of the website from German to English.

At the bottom left of the website you will find the sections:



Plain language


These areas explained from top to bottom:

Contact: This is a contact form. Here you can enter your email address and send us a message.

Imprint: Here you can read who is responsible for this website. This is Hamburg Music Business.

Plain language: This will take you to the plain language section. You are currently in this area.

Privacy: This website collects certain data. Here you can find out how we use your data.