Where can you get trained?

The three-year event management apprenticeship is a dual programme, which means you will alternate between the training company and vocational school.  A selection of training institutions includes event, trade fair, and congress management companies, colleges for music, as well as concert organizers.

Training overview:

The event management assistant profession is a recognized apprenticeship in Germany, offering dual training in the industry and commerce sectors over a three-year period, in accordance with German apprenticeship regulations. During this training, you'll gain hands-on experience in your company and theoretical knowledge at a vocational school.

Your training will equip you with a broad spectrum of skills. You'll learn to craft event concepts, schedules, and director's plans, manage and oversee budgets, and handle ordering. A key part of your role will be acquiring and continuously communicating with clients, tailoring your approach to their needs. You'll coordinate project tasks and collaborate with various stakeholders, prepare quotes, and tenders. You'll also become adept at using promotional materials to market events. Administrative tasks will be completed in the office, while you'll directly oversee events on-site. Post-event, you'll handle final billing and evaluate the event's success. This apprenticeship will also educate you on relevant laws and regulations, like those in insurance and liability, thoroughly preparing you for all facets of the role.

What do you need to bring to the table?

Your communication skills and intercultural competence are highly valued in this field, especially when interacting with authorities, sponsors, business partners, or international artists. During consultations with clients, confident presentation and assertiveness are crucial. Negotiation skills are important, but organizational abilities are key for planning and executing events. It's beneficial if you have a business-minded approach and are particularly meticulous in the financial aspects of the work, as this will assist you in your role.

Where can you work?

Among the companies that employ event management assistants are  event industry and event agencies, event technology companies, as well as municipal organisations such as cultural offices and location marketing offices. Work is primarily carried out in offices, at the customer's premises (in exhibition or concert halls, theatres and guest rooms, television studios) or outdoors at open-air events.