The Music Business:

For all those who want to make a career change into the music industry

The music industry is not only proving to be a magnetic attraction for career starters, but also offers career changers in particular the opportunity to develop their expertise and potential in a creative and dynamic environment. In contrast to conventional industries, the music industry largely relies on skilled workers from other fields who have the enthusiasm to develop their careers in this sector.

Contribution of the cultural and creative industries in a sector comparison 2019-2021, in bn euros

The gross value added of the cultural and creative industries in 2021 was around 103.7 billion euros, slightly above the level of mechanical engineering and ahead of other sectors such as financial services, energy supply and the chemical industry. Following the significant setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the entire cultural and creative industries have been able to grow significantly again, and stable growth is also forecast for the German music market in the coming years. The fact that the music industry is still one of the most important sectors of the cultural and creative industries and that Germany is still the fourth largest music market in the world clearly shows how resilient and adaptable the industry is. Thanks to its high adaptability, for example through creative thinking, new networks or the establishment of decentralised work structures, the music industry offers sustainable and innovative jobs.

The top 10 music markets 2022, Source: FPI Global Music Report 2023

In the four main sub-sectors of the music industry - live entertainment, recording music, publishing and management - there are numerous job profiles that thrive on career changers. Whether as a (project) manager, marketing manager, lawyer or businessman or businesswoman, you can find out how you can gain a foothold in the music industry and which of your strengths you can build on here. Depending on whether you have already completed your training or would like to embark on a new educational path: You can find an overview of traditional training opportunities here; information on study opportunities here. Would you first like to gain an insight into the industry itself and work opportunities? Then an internship or job entry is the right way for you. Even if you want to start straight away and are looking for current job vacancies, you can find all vacancies here.