Job Profiles:

Who actually makes sure that the Fender guitar you find in your favourite music shop gets there?

As a sales representative in the field of musical instruments, you have a significant responsibility in the music industry. Your job is to successfully market and distribute musical instruments and music technology products to the right outlets to ensure that musicians have access to quality equipment.

Your main tasks include identifying potential business partners such as music shops, retailers and online shops. You strive to win them as customers by signing distribution contracts and negotiating favourable conditions. Maintaining long-term relationships with your business partners is also important as it builds trust and fosters cooperation. You keep an eye on industry trends, identify market opportunities and adapt your sales strategies accordingly.

To be successful in this profession, sales talent, interpersonal skills, market understanding, communication skills and self-motivation are crucial. You need to be able to present products convincingly, build and maintain relationships with different business partners and set and achieve goals independently.

The educational path to becoming a salesperson in the field of musical instruments can be varied. Formal training in sales, marketing or music business can be helpful, but is not always required. Often, practical experience in sales or sales positions, preferably in the musical instrument industry, is a great advantage. There are also specialised training courses and seminars that focus on musical instrument sales and can provide knowledge about the industry. In this profession, you can combine your strong sales skills with your understanding of the music industry and put them to good use.