Job Profiles:

Who actually writes the regular newsletters you receive?

Communications and PR managers in music labels play a essential role in shaping and disseminating messages about music and its artists. As an employee in this professional field, you act at the interface between artists, the media and the public. Depending on the size of the label, tasks such as press relations, social media communication or content creation can be combined or handled by several teams.

Your main task in communications is to set up and design all aspects of a label's press and public relations work. This can also include looking after the social media channels, maintaining websites or creating text and image content for newsletters. Above all, you independently take care of the coordination of your own projects (maybe you'll set up a podcast?) and the communication with external service providers and players in the industry.

In this area, you shine with excellent textual confidence and creative writing skills. You write clear, engaging copy to effectively communicate the label's and artists' messages. With your social media affinity and understanding of platforms and marketing practices, you will strengthen the online presence. Knowledge of content management systems and image editing skills facilitate website management and the creation of appealing visual elements for various communication tools.

A completed apprenticeship or degree with a focus on PR and communication will help you to work as a communication and PR manager in the recorded sector of the music industry. Ideally, you already have some experience in a PR or social media agency or in the field of corporate communications. Especially career changers from other industries who have already worked in communications can quickly establish themselves in the music industry.