Job Profiles:

Who ensures the optimal placement and visibility of music?

In the role of a marketing manager in Recorded Music, you will take on a central position in order to put the best possible focus on the musical products of labels and artists. You are responsible for the placement of music in television and radio programmes, for advertising and social media clips or playlists and corporate films. This involves cleverly marketing both digital and physical products and maximising their exposure. While a sales representative is primarily concerned with the distribution of music products, the focus of a marketing manager is on the promotion of music products.

You develop strategies and distribution campaigns to integrate the music catalogues into the market, negotiate distribution agreements and ensure that the products are presented to the right target groups. You are the link between the artists, labels and distribution channels. Your work is crucial to ensure that music products get the visibility they deserve.

A deep understanding of the music industry, marketing trends and target audiences are essential for your success. Your communication skills allow you to interact effectively with artists, labels and distributors. Your organisational skills are they key to optimise the placement and presentation of products.

There are various ways to work as a marketing manager in the field of recorded music. A degree in music management, business administration or marketing can provide you with the necessary knowledge, as can a commercial apprenticeship. Practical experience, especially in the field of marketing, is also of great importance to successfully gain a long-term foothold in the industry. If you are interested in positioning music products in the best possible way and increasing their visibility, this profession is the perfect choice for you.

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