Job Profiles:

Who builds the career of a band and makes artists into a memorable brand?

A music or record label handles the distribution of musical works. In larger recording companies, a label is often also a department within the company. As a product manager in a music label, you have the opportunity to experience and shape the music industry first-hand. You are the driving force behind emerging artists and ensure that their talents are recognised and promoted.

Your main task as a product manager is to develop and implement marketing strategies for music releases. With independent project and budget responsibility, you manage your campaigns based on data and are constantly on the lookout for new marketing strategies. During the release phase, you coordinate promotion, marketing and distribution to ensure that the music reaches the right target group and is successfully marketed.

Strong communication skills are essential for the job as a product manager, as you will be working with artists, management, agents and other industry professionals. Your structured way of working enables you to keep track of all distribution and streaming platforms and their developments in order to draw the right conclusions for your campaigns. Creativity and innovative spirit are important qualities to understand the latest trends in the music industry and to design campaigns that stand out from the crowd. In this way, you contribute to the success of your label's artists.

There are various ways to become a product manager. A degree in music management, business administration or marketing can give you the necessary knowledge. Practical experience, for example by working as an assistant at a label, is also valuable to get to know the business from the inside. Networking in the music industry is important to discover potential talent and establish contacts. However, your passion for music together with a broad understanding of the different communication platforms are the key to success and the springboard for your work as a product manager.

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