Job Profiles:

How can you work on the business side of the music industry?

In the field of recorded music, there are also many commercial jobs that cover not only the creative but also the business side of the music industry. These include positions such as controllers, administrators, accountants and office administrators. These jobs are essential for the smooth administration and organisation of a music label.

In this career field, you can merge classic commercial processes with your passion for music. Employees in these positions play an important role in enabling artists to publish and distribute their music by managing budgets, clarifying legal matters and maintaining the technical infrastructure.

To be successful with an administrative or commercial profession in a music label, knowledge in areas such as finance, contract law, IT management or office organisation is an advantage. Likewise, communication skills and the ability to work in a creative environment are of great importance. The music industry is a constantly changing environment, with players and employees constantly adapting and keeping up to date.

If you have already completed a classical commercial education or a degree in a related field, this can make the transition into the music industry easier. It is helpful to make contacts in the industry and to get involved in a label through internships or entry-level positions in order to gain valuable experience. Especially in administrative areas, career changers from other industries have the opportunity to develop professionally in the music sector.